Programme Creative Problem Solving / FOURSIGHT® CERTIFICATION

Animateurs : Gerard Puccio


Knowledge of Creative Problem Solving is required to participate in this program.

The FourSight Thinking Profile is an assessment that serves as a launch pad for innovation in teams and organizations. It is a valuable addition to your creative problem solving toolkit, helping you identify individual preferences when it comes to clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing. During FourSight Certification, you will learn the research behind the assessment and discover best-practices for debriefing FourSight with individuals, groups and teams. The co-founders will coach you on how to maximize your impact and navigate the roadblocks to innovation. This certification will improve your skills as a productive leader and facilitator of innovation. Taking FourSight® Certification is the best way to maximize the impact of using FourSight in an organizational setting. You will learn the science behind the assessment and have an opportunity to practice new innovation tools that can be used in the Creative Problem Solving process, which is based on 60 years of creativity research and practice.

Participants will:

  • Learn to leverage people’s preferences to enhance creative collaboration;
  • Evaluate how a team’s profile impacts their approach to challenges;
  • Increase their ability to communicate and problem solve effectively with people who have other preferences; and
  • Enhance their effectiveness in building high performance teams.