Animateurs 2018 / Yoel Kluk

Yoel Kluk

Facilitator and Business leader.
I am driven to try new things despite the risk; while at the same time learning from each of those experiences and adjusting rapidly. A designer of solutions, innovator with high tolerance to ambiguity, I am biased towards doing things that move forward the people of the organization I am engaged with.
CEO and founder of Kluk and Associates - a company focused on enhancing productivity by applying methodology through technology. Including Intelligent Collaboration, Intelligent Creative Thinking and Intelligent Insights. An affiliate of ThinkRite, a new business collaboration ecosystem.
Partner of Grupo-Piensa, a Creative thinking facilitation firm.
Faculty of Centro de Certificacion en Creatividad A.C.
International Key note speaker with experience in Mexico, USA, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.
Specialties: Organizational strategy, diagnosis, Transformation and Implementation of Change, Opportunity Analysis. <\p>