Animateurs 2018 / Newell Eaton

Newell Eaton

For over 40 years Newell has helped hundreds of people achieve the results they seek through individual coaching conversations, facilitated meetings, and accelerated learning workshops. For leaders: results like higher performing teams, engaged healthier workforce, innovation culture, leadership pipeline, strategic plans, succession plans. For professionals: changes like new careers, new jobs, promotions, new relationships, new locations, and healthier, more meaningful lives. Newell is known for his creative facilitation of placed-based and on-line meetings and for his activity-based, learner-driven workshops: Inspiring Leadership, Coaching Creatively, Facilitating Great Meetings and In the Box Creative Thinking. He is co-founder of East-West Leadership Coaching in Albany NY and an active sub-contractor for New&Improved, Darwin Associates, R. Freedman+Co., lntegral Coaches, and Productivity Leadership Systems. His coaching certifications are from the Institute for Generative Leadership and the NLP Center of New York. His university training is in design, human behavior and social change from Rensselaer Polytechnic. When not working you will find him journeying to beautiful places with his wife Allie Middleton.