Animateurs 2017 / Mark Harling

Mark Harling

Mark is a creativity and social innovation facilitator working for Airbus and has spent 20 years in many industries pushing the boundaries of company culture. He initially trained as a Mechanical engineer and acquired a solid expertise in lean manufacturing. Over the years, he gradually transitioned from the solely technical aspects of company culture to a more systemic and human centric approach.
Mark is currently facilitating collaborative transformation programs within an Airbus plant aimed at creating an environment that supports collective intelligence, individual and group autonomy and responsibility in place of soulless processes. As an internal coach, he helps individual managers to work on their posture as a leader and find their place in a changing environment. He uses creativity and Lego Serious Play as a way to deal with complex human systems. Mark also trained as a person centered approach therapist and runs his own practice, Ombre & Lumière.