Animateurs 2017 / Joette Field

Joette Field

Joette is having fun applying creativity Creative Problem Solving skills gained in both her undergraduate and graduate degree training in Creative Problem Solving with Drs. Sidney J. Parnes and Ruth B. Noller at Buffalo State. As a part of Dr. Sidney J. Parnes’ Research Study in the early 1970s, and as a pioneer for developing the Masters of Science in Creative Studies at Buffalo State, she continues to research and facilitate the multi-faceted discipline of Creativity. Presently, she is teaching as an adjunct professor in the Executive Leadership and Change Program at Daemen College in Buffalo, NY. Joette is a curious educator, staff developer, and consultant, with years of experience teaching Creative Thinking in several school districts in Western New York. Joette has consulted in Brazil and South Africa in both educational and corporate settings. Her passion for exploring the potential of human creativity has drawn her into studies of Theory U, Brain Research, Energy Healing and the vast array of holistic and metaphysical miracles.