Animateurs 2018 / Janice Francisco

Janice Francisco

Innovation Catalyst
MSc Creativity and Change Leadership
Janice Francisco is a creativity and innovation expert. She helps managers and their teams solve the mystery of what it means to be innovative and teaches them how to use creativity to get innovation done. She is the inventor of the Think Up Innovation Framework™, a research-based, integrated, agile and repeatable process applied in real work settings to build change and sustainable innovation capacity.
Janice is President of BridgePoint Effect, a globally focused consultancy she founded in 2001. She speaks internationally on organizational creativity, is a member of the Advisory Board to the Conference Board of Canada’s Council on Innovation and Commercialization and has developed expertise on leading change and innovation in the government, non-profit, private, and Fortune 500 sectors. She holds a Masters of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership; a Bachelor of Business Management, a Diploma in Adult Education, the International Association of Facilitator’s designation of Certified Professional Facilitator™ and is a member of the global Certification Team for FourSight Thinking Profile™ and Team Report. She is a member of the European Creative Association, the Institute for Performance and Learning, and a leader at the Creative Problem Solving Institute.
M.Sc. Creativity and Change Leadership
B.A. of Business Management
IAF Certified Professional Facilitator
Certified in Alternate Dispute Resolution
Diploma in Adult Education
4MAT4BUSINESS Instructional Design Methodology
Certified FourSight Presenter and Master Trainer
Certified KEYS® to Creativity and Innovation Administrator
Certified Stormz Digital Facilitator
Certified Organizational Growth Indicator Partner
Expertise: Creativity & Innovation, Creative Problem Solving, FourSight Thinking Framework, Leadership Development, Organizational Change, Instructional Design, Learning Organizations, Critical Thinking, Strategic Thinking
Languages: Janice works in English with some functionality in French.