This year again, CREA Conference will offer a variety of interactive workshops that will expose participants to the many diverse perspectives of research and practice in the field of creativity.
Expo Workshops are offered in 3 formats:
Expos run for either 90 or 120 minutes and allow participants to explore a specific area around creativity, covering some of the research and theory on that topic as well as providing an opportunity for experience and practice.
Double-Expos run for 3 hours and are intended to be more experiential. They are designed to be highly interactive workshops that allow participants to have a deeper learning experience with the opportunity to apply new knowledge and develop greater confidence and competence with the information presented.
Expos are positioned throughout the Conference to allow participants to customize their learning experience by choosing the workshops that complement the main offering of CPS Programs and Immersion Programs. Specifically:
Double-Expos will be offered on Saturday morning and will be available in both English and French languages.
Expos (90 minutes) will be offered on Saturday afternoon in two blocks, between 14:00-17:30, again in both English and French languages.
Expos (120 minutes) will be offered on Sunday morning from 9:30-11:30, again in both English and French languages.
We will have a preference for proposals that are aligned with our conference theme for 2017, "Team Time”, which focuses on creative collaboration in a variety of team contexts. Proposals do not need to focus exclusively on this theme, but there should be some meaningful connection in content and session design. Therefore, we invite you to clearly indicate how you plan to relate your topic and content to this theme.
The deadline for proposal submission is January 9th, 2017
We will finalize our selection by January 31, 2017 and will notify all who have submitted proposals at that time.

We encourage you consider the following guidelines:

  • Keep your session experiential and interactive
  • Make deliberate connections to Creativity and Innovation, and to this year's conference theme
  • Be sensitive to the needs of multi-cultural participants, both in content and process
  • Utilize multiple methods and media that will appeal to diverse learning styles

Most Expo Workshops are expected to be led by one Presenter, with a maximum of 2 Presenters in some instances. However, should there be 2 Presenters, the discount (discussed below) will go to one Presenter, or can be split equally between the 2 Presenters. Presenters who are selected for an Expo Workshop (90 minutes or 120 minutes) will receive a discount of 150 EURO on the registration fee at CREA (but no discount can be applied to accommodation costs) and can fully enjoy the programs offered by our conference. Double-Expo presenters will receive a discount of 300 EURO.

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