w Creative Thinking Tools - en


Thursday & Friday

Facilitators: Susan Robertson and Dan Bigonesse
Delivered in English with French support

Knowledge of Creative Problem Solving is required to participate in this program.

Stimulating creativity within the Creative Problem Solving process (CPS) is kept fresh by using a variety of tools and techniques. Tools are useful to generate truly unique and innovative ideas, and they also provide a clear, systematic way of choosing the best ideas for maximum impact. CPS is a flexible framework that can incorporate many different thinking tools and approaches that can be effectively applied in a variety of contexts. The tools that will be introduced are drawn from the larger field of creativity and other fields such as design thinking, strategic management, and problem solving. Participants will have an opportunity to practice many tools in a highly interactive environment.

Participants will be able to:

  • Develop confidence in applying a variety of tools when using the CPS Thinking Skills model;
  • Enhance creative thinking skills by learning and applying a diverse set of problem solving, decision making and creativity tools;
  • Learn how to design or modify creative thinking tools to fit a particular situation; and
  • Understand how to best assess needs and design appropriate sessions within the CPS Thinking Skills framework.