w Coaching Through CPS - en


Facilitators: Tim Switalski and Diane Houle-Rutherford

Delivered in English with French support
Knowledge of Creative Problem Solving is required to participate in this program.

Coaching has become a popular and accepted approach to help people to learn new behaviors, to develop their potential, and to achieve their goals in both their professional and personal lives. Coaching has also become an important leadership style in organizations and is considered a core competency for anyone who wants to achieve success in the business world. It is considered a necessary companion for learning and mastering any skills where discipline and practice are involved. This highly interactive program will explore how coaching can be practiced within the framework of Creative Problem Solving to become a powerful approach to addressing challenges and opportunities in our lives and at work. Participants will learn and apply coaching skills that can be used to proactively focus on opportunities and challenges related to change.

Participants will:

  • Develop a set of skills that are essential to effective coaching practice, including listening, questioning, goal-setting, focusing, exploring insights, and committing to action;
  • Apply Creative Problem Solving as a framework for coaching practice;
  • Examine the nature of change and learn ways to identify opportunities and overcome challenges that stand in the way of positive outcomes; and
  • Create a developmental plan for improving one’s confidence and competence as a coach.