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This is a serie of one-day workshops that will offer an immersive learning experience focusing on emerging trends and best practices in the field of applied creativity. These workshops are designed and facilitated by experienced professionals based on current research and practical application. A choice of different workshops will be offered on Thursday and Friday: in this page you find the Immersion Programs in English.
If you want to have a look at those in French, click here.
Participants are asked to pre-register.


Dance with Your Dragons: Leading Constructive Change

Facilitators: Liz Monroe-Cook and Branko Broekman
The dragons of transformation and leadership are personal limits, organizational mindsets, and the challenges of complexity. People who have the task or opportunity to lead significant change can sometimes be intimidated by the fuzzy front end of it. Are you curious about how best to apply the lessons of creativity to your leadership?
In this immersion, participants will experience an active introduction in how to enlarge and enhance your influence. You will focus on yourself, on others and on the environment in order to create the dance floor for the "dance with dragons."
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the personal features that allow you to walk the talk of a creative leader – transform yourself;
  • Set the climate for innovative mindsets in your organization – transform climate; and
  • Leverage the paradoxes that come with your challenges and opportunities – transform dilemma.

Collective Intelligence, Synergy and Generative Collaboration

Facilitators: Cora Robinson and Paolo Sbuttoni
‘Collective Intelligence’ is about how to apply the very latest collaboration thinking and practice to drive more innovative solution finding with and through others, using a variety of Immediate, concrete, easy-to-use approaches.
You will learn what we mean by Collective Intelligence, Synergy and Generative Collaboration, and the benefits. We will explore the science of collaboration and why collective Intelligence is a mindset and an attitude requiring emotional intelligence, which can be developed.
Using the five steps in Generative Collaboration, you will enter the Collective Intelligence Zone, and explore the fundamental processes of sharing information and ideas and finding resonance – helping you to develop the disciplines of collective intelligence.
Finally, you will learn to implement the ‘Mastermind’ group process: a key application of collective intelligence, with some great tips on how to best facilitate this process with others.
Learning Objectives:

  • Apply the Success Factor Modeling Collective Intelligence Model to drive effective collaborative working;
  • Understand how to best apply the science of collaboration; and
  • Learn to use the Mastermind group coaching process to leverage the collective intelligence of the group.

Design for Transience: Pivoting Organizational Value in Complex Environments

Facilitators: Ana Matic and Goran Matic
Are you working with creativity, change and innovation while managing complexity? This workshop will provide you with tools to help identify, define and reimagine new value in organizations and complex environments. Ideally suited for impacts involving many stakeholders, we will explore usable methods for resilience – from the individual to the large-scale.

At the end of the immersion, you will be able to use practical tools for pivoting the perception of ‘core value’ in the midst of change - with specific methods to map and manage both organizational and individual journeys through the underlying complexity, in order to enable unique value propositions for key leaders, customers and communities.
Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to thrive within complexity by leveraging effective design tools for working with ‘wicked problems’ and complex challenges;
  • Connect disconnected views by effectively integrating diverse levels of individual, organizational and communal experience; and
  • Create new opportunities by enabling your key stakeholders to recognize new value and unlock transformational capabilities


Building Future Organizations from the Here and Now

Offered in English with French support

Facilitator: Ingrid De Clercq and Mark Harling
This is an experiential workshop. We are not going to tell you how to make transformation for the future. We are going to create conditions for you to experiment with it. Our hope is that we will create our own group culture for the day and learn from it. We are asking you to take a step into the unknown and trust the process that we are offering. Together, we will explore new organizational structures and practices from the standpoint of building an authentic sharing group. Who knows what is going to emerge from our time together? There is only one condition. We ask for your commitment to stick with the process throughout the day. You can't drop out!
Learning Objectives:

  • Practice candor by speaking up and being responsible for the success of the group;
  • Learn to stay together through periods of doubt, anxiety, anger, depression, even despair… and maybe joy; and
  • Experience a way of transforming organizations by relating to each other with a difference.

Managing the Emotional Side of Creative Leadership: Building Better Relationships in our Life

Facilitators: Laura Barbero Switalski and Luciano Boccucci
A steady trend in the Leadership Development field has been a growing interest in Emotional and Social Intelligence. The research in this area clearly demonstrates that those who have it are much better at leading others than those who don’t, as our focus at work makes managing relationships increasingly more critical and challenging than simply accomplishing our task.
This workshop will focus on how emotions impact our relationships in the multiple roles we plays in our life when we exercise our leadership and power of influence. As managers, facilitators, colleagues, spouses, parents or friends, we deal with relationships daily. Using the power of our mind and our body, we will learn how to recognize and manage our emotions in order to deliberately build positive and rewarding relationships in our life. We will embark in a journey to discover the leader we want to become, taking the next step to achieve higher level of creativity and collaboration when interacting with others.
Learning Objectives:

  • Deepen their ability to listen to and recognize their own and other people’s emotions;
  • Explore ways that targeted Emotional and Social Intelligence competencies can be developed to build better relationships;
  • Understand the power of building stronger relationships to improve their ability to influence others; and
  • Develop a personal vision and identify the next steps to build better relationships in their life.

Transform Tension into Collaboration

Facilitators: Tamara Christensen and Kim Larkin
Let’s step into the tension and face our collaboration challenges! More and more in today’s fast-paced world, addressing complex business problems requires that diverse experts work well together. Unfortunately, collaborative efforts introduce dynamics that can present their own entirely new set of obstacles. We often think about tension as something to minimize or alleviate, especially in cross-functional teams. But what if maximizing tension were actually the key to innovation?  
We will identify and diagnose six dimensions of tension that pose obstacles for organizations and teams in their efforts to creatively solve problems. We will also use a variety of interactive experiences to explore ways that we can leverage competing forces to create a culture of energizing collaboration, creativity and engagement.
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify six tensions of transformation that arise in individuals, teams and organizations during innovation efforts;
  • Explore how to use the innovation facilitator’s mindset to ease the tension;
  • Utilize a simple diagnostic technique to assess the sources of tension and opportunity for diverse challenges; and
  • UCollaborate to generate ideas for addressing specific tensions and challenges.