This is a serie of one-day workshops that will offer an immersive learning experience focusing on emerging trends and best practices in the field of applied creativity. These workshops are designed and facilitated by experienced professionals based on current research and practical application. A choice of different workshops will be offered on Thursday and Friday: in this page you find the Immersion Programs in English.
If you want to have a look at those in French, click here.
Participants are asked to pre-register.


Gamification: A Powerful Set of Tools to Seriously Stimulate Innovation

Facilitators: Guillemette Goglio and Sylvain Rouillard
What drives us to participate in a game? What keeps us engaged in a playful activity or incite us to come back? Studies have synthesized 8 powerful drivers that explain why we sometimes spend several hours playing a game. This workshop will introduce you to gamification, the motivational drivers and their use to stimulate each step of the creative problem solving process. In the approach explored here, we will use these powerful psychological levers as springboards to help design or improve a product or service, as well as maintain or increase a user’s engagement. Come and discover original tools to add to your repertoire for individual or group facilitation.
Learning Objectives:

  • Discover an approach based on motivational drivers associated with games;
  • Clarify how these drivers can be used to improve products or services or to invent original and relevant new ones;
  • Experience how Gamification can contribute to the the formulation of original challenge statements, the discovery of new ideas, and the implementation of new solutions; and
  • Reflect on how these tools could improve your facilitation toolbox.

Creative Approaches to Raising Adults: Change Leadership in the Home

Offered in English with French support

Facilitators: Ismet Mamnoon and Mark Harling
Applications of creativity are too often limited to the workplace. However if you were to harness the power of creative thinking and process in your personal life you could transform and empower those who matter most – your children. In this program you will be introduced to a parenting model that is designed to help you Raise Adults (NOT Children). This simple but effective model uses the fundamental principles of creative thinking and integrates cognitive, emotional and intuitive tools to help you engage the head, heart and gut when embarking on your parenting journey. Together we will coach, facilitate and discover how to define and create successful parenting outcomes for each individual by sharing our collective wisdom within a safe space.
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify parenting goals and understanding why they matter to us;
  • Translate goals into tangible objectives;
  • Acknowledge and accept the responsibility for role modeling; and
  • Learn and apply techniques to engage, empower and support others through their process of growth.

Deep CPS: Theory U and YoU

Facilitators: Joette Field and John Frederick
Spend time with us and have fun tapping into the spirit of Sid Parnes’ democratization of creativity and Otto Scharmer’s Theory U concepts. This dynamic and experiential session explores how Theory U interfaces with Creative Problem Solving (CPS) to create dynamic positive flow. The principles of Theory U: Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Will enrich and complement the CPS experience. Theory U is an awareness-based process that invites us to reflect on and cultivate our strengths while simultaneously asking us to address our internal resistors of judgment, cynicism and fear. This process shifts us to clear thought, heightened emotional intelligence and courageous action, increasing our capacity to make positive individual and global change. Using the arts with reflective and interactive team activities, the session will provide tools to launch you toward your Theory YoU!
Learning Objectives:

  • Have fun exploring Theory U to create a relationship to Deep Creative Problem Solving (CPS);
  • Delight in applying Deep CPS concepts and practices personally and/or professionally;
  • Gain tools and a process to kick start your Theory YoU.


Stormz: Facilitate CPS Like a Digital Warrior!

Offered in English with French support

Facilitator: Alexander Eisenchteter and Isabelle Eisenchteter
You’ve gone digital for communicating, calculating, planning and playing. But when it comes to facilitating, you still use post-its and flip chart paper? Good news! Things have changed.  Stormz is an awesome digital application, used by CPS facilitators around the world, that allows you to engage online and in-person groups in collaborative sessions using the CPS tools & techniques such as Brainstorming, Forced Connections, PPCO, Assistors & Resistors and many others. This session is designed for experienced CPS facilitators. The focus is not on learning CPS but on understanding how you can use Stormz to facilitate online and in-person sessions that integrate the process and tools you already use. We will also discuss the specifics of facilitating online (in real-time or asynchronously) and in large group, in-person sessions.
Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the Stormz digital platform and many of its features and applications;
  • Facilitate collaborative sessions using CPS tools & techniques; and
  • Explore how Stormz can be used in both on-line and face-to-face sessions.

Teamship: Navigating Teams That Change Through Times That Change (Sorry, this program is SOLD OUT)

Facilitators: Newell Eaton and Tim Hurson
What does it take to create and sustain an innovative and productive team? We know that successful partnerships in life and business don’t just happen. Sustaining a successful partnership takes will, skill, and work. Deliberate effort, seasoned with mutual care, is the secret sauce for two-person partnerships. So it makes sense that, as the number of players increases from two to twenty or more, understanding and applying the ‘work' of teamwork is even more critical to success — not only for leaders, but for every member of the team. In today’s environment, where teaming on the fly to navigate the waves of change is the norm, these skills are more important than ever. Using a combination of head, heart, and somatic approaches, participants will discover and practice teamship — the qualities and skills to quickly transform a work group into a high performance team. 
Learning Objectives:

  • Experience and integrate the principles of “teamship”;
  • Learn and apply the skills of generative partnership within team settings; and
  • Explore ways that teams navigate through uncertainty and develop the skills to support them.

Power of Art: Facilitating Teams with Visual Arts

Facilitators: Philippe Brasseur and Erik op ten Berg
Facilitating with art is extremely powerful to deliver deeper awareness, new perspectives or brilliant insights. Why? Because a work of art is not just any kind of picture! It is loaded with emotion, and mysterious (often unconscious) meanings. As Picasso once said: “If I could have said it, I wouldn’t have bothered painting it.” Therefore art is an ideal support to express more complex or intuitive contents. You will discover that art can be used in many steps of a CPS process. Experiencing this immersion you will learn how facilitating with art favours the expression of individual opinions within teams. It helps to dig deeper and deliver great outcomes – where emotion and intuition enrich the more rational way of thinking. Teams become more flexible, and the collaboration will be more intense and focused.
Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the inspirational and provoking power of Visual Arts;
  • Explore a variety of tools to integrate arts into the CPS process and invent your own tools; and
  • Learn and apply several methods for facilitating teams using art in subtle and efficient ways.