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Philippe Brasseur

Philippe Brasseur (° 1964) is a creativity consultant, the author of many books on creativity and an illustrator/visual facilitator.
After studying fine arts and communication sciences, his 3 first jobs were creative director, events producer and editor in chief of children’s magazines. In the year 2000 he quit this latter job to become an author-illustrator. A publisher ordered him a book on creativity for parents and teachers. The book was a success, which led him to start giving lectures and trainings to growing audiences in schools, companies, etc.
After a few years and books he became a recognized specialist in “creative pedagogy”; but he likes to jump back and forth from the audiences of “schools” to “companies”. He is since 2010 an expert within the famed French network “Association pour le Progrès du Management”, which sends him all over France, Europe, Asia etc. to address French CEO’s on creativity management. In 2015 he issued a Tex talk on “creative discipline”(in French).
In parallel Philippe has always been very active as an illustrator for the press and publishing, and as a painter (he held several personal exhibitions). He also published a few children’s books. This passion for the visual led him to conceive more and more workshops on the power of visual intelligence on creativity for business professionals. He also likes to design exciting illustrated roadmaps for making groups of managers work autonomously on strategic issues. Or to take managers into museums, using art as a revelator for their identity, vision etc.
He lives in a lovely farm near Brussels with his wife and 4 kids. The barn was turned into a training area they called ”Creativita”.
His books on creativity (many of them translated into Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean…): Casterman publishing: Soyons créatifs (2002) -1001 activités autour du livre (2003) – 1001 jeux de créativité avec les objets (2008) – Génie toi-même (2012) – Manuel de pensée géniale (2017) Palette publishing: Eurêk’Art! (2016)
Website with videos, 45 posters on creativity, illustrations etc: www.philippebrasseur.be