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Facilitators 2018 / Goran Matic

Goran Matic

is Design Strategist applying a diverse set of human-centric skills towards enabling innovation and ensuring sustainable value propositions - expressed as strategic roadmaps, technology architectures, policy development and product implementation strategies - in areas such as Enterprise Architecture (EA), Data Governance (DG), Solution Design and Product Development. Design Innovation Skills > Design Thinking: rooted in ethnography and human-centric design to enable intrinsic value propositions - while delivering to the actual user, stakeholder, customer and community needs. > Systems Thinking: combined with design thinking (via inclusive methods such as Gigamaps) to enable sustainable solutions and systemic value propositions. > Foresight: enabling coherent strategy roadmap development by innovating towards a defined set of preferred futures. > Collaboration: ensuring customer-centricity and design agility by delivering creative facilitation workshops - while enabling organizational teams, groups and structures. ** Master’s degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation (MDes) | 2017 Technology Skills > Enterprise Architecture: connecting human-centric design with intrinsic organizational competencies, to define meaningful and implementable transition architectures. ** Certified in TOGAF 9 / EA | 2016 > Solution Architecture: across multiple technology platforms while integrating heterogeneous architectures, to support agile business initiatives with integrated technology roadmap design and cross-department organizational delivery. Data Skills > Data Governance: program scoping, design, proposal, initiation and implementation. > Data Quality: identifying organizational needs, developing policies and implementations strategies.