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Allie Middleton

Allie is a leadership coach, team learning & organization development consultant, specializing in providing integrative training and coaching to help individuals, teams and organizations perform at their best. She offers clients creative dialogue and provocative experiences to translate individual, team and organizational challenges into opportunities for deep growth, profound development and exceptional performance. With over 35 years of leadership experience, including Wall Street corporate legal services, award winning not-for profit and government leadership positions designing and implementing new initiatives, Allie has championed mentorship programs to enhance team and individual performance, shepherded profitable earned income programs, received grants for new projects to fund research on best practices and successfully managed many other social and structural innovations. Allie has served as a facilitative coach and thought partner to many leaders and teams in all sectors. She maintains an international coaching clientele and presents at facilitation and creativity conferences globally. As adjunct faculty, Allie has taught both human behavior and innovative management courses at the graduate level. She finished her doctoral studies in leadership, collaboration and organizational change and is strongly influenced by action research and the Theory U change process. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and yoga and meditation instructor. She co-founded a community dispute resolution center in the Hudson River Valley and furthered her training at Harvard's Program on Negotiation. An admirer of nature and beauty in all forms, Allie enjoys writing poetry, curating art exhibits and loves traveling to explore sacred sites near and far.