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Creative problem solving programs

The Creative Problem Solving program track offers participants a rich experience in learning how to think and act more creatively. Programs are targeted at skill development and designed around the Creative Problem Solving Skills Model. Foundations of Creative Problem Solving (or an equivalent program in Creative Problem Solving) is required to participate in any of the other programs.
Participants are asked to pre-register.

  • Leverage differences in creative styles
  • Facilitate effective meetings
  • Improve your work environment
  • Apply Creative Problem Solving to personal and professional challenges
  • Learn to think differently


This program is recommended for those who are unfamiliar with Creative Problem Solving. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own creative style and how to leverage it to achieve better results. The program will also explore the Creative Problem Solving process and learn how to use it to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

  • Design and facilitate sessions that meet your client’s needs
  • Gain confidence in facilitating meetings and Creative Problem Solving sessions
  • Increase group collaboration
  • Learn to manage difficult participants
  • Develop conflict management skills
  • Improve your ability to give and receive feedback


This program will focus on the development of core processes and techniques for effective facilitation. Using the Creative Problem Solving Thinking Skills framework, participants will practice and receive feedback related to their facilitation skills within the stages of the CPS model. This program will help participants to deepen their understanding of creative process and to gain confidence and competence as a facilitator.
Knowledge of Creative Problem Solving is required to participate in this program.

  • Learn the fundamental skills that are essential to effective coaching
  • Practice coaching within the framework of the CPS Thinking Skills model
  • Learn to identify opportunities and challenges related to change and commit to action to proactively address them
  • Enhance your communication effectiveness by focusing on listening, asking questions and providing feedback
  • Identify the coaching skills in need of development and create an individual plan to improve them


Delivered in English with French support
Coaching has become a popular and accepted approach to help people to learn new behaviors, to develop their potential, and to achieve their goals in both their professional and personal lives. Coaching has also become an important leadership style in organizations and is considered a core competency for anyone who wants to achieve success in business.
Knowledge of Creative Problem Solving is required to participate in this program.

  • Discover emotions linked to each phase of CPS
  • Improve your effectiveness in facilitating CPS by better managing the climate of your sessions
  • Identify strategies to open up emotional states in individuals or groups
  • Enhance your own facilitation style, working with artistic medias

An Art Exploration Journey


Delivered in English with French support

This program is an opportunity to explore, using artistic media, the emotions that could become fuel for each phase of the creative problem solving process. It will also be an opportunity to discover activities aimed at bringing the client or the group, at every step of the process, closer to a fertile and different emotional state.
Knowledge of Creative Problem Solving is required to participate in this program.